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Savoir-faire: Conjuring the All New FerriTale™ Premium Ink Collection

Savoir-faire: Conjuring the All New FerriTale™ Premium Ink Collection

With over one year in development, Ferris Wheel Press have ventured beyond reality to bring to life a premium line of fountain pen inks that stretch past the limits of imagination. Springing to life from the very pages of your most beloved storybooks, the all new FerriTales™ collection is a luxurious line of our newest and finest fountain pen inks.

Having undergone extensive testing and experimentation, this collection of high quality, richly saturated fountain pen ink features a combination of incredible shades, premium shimmers, and high-effect sheening that will surely play tricks on your eyes. Created with all the same reliable features our clients have come to expect, this collection is feathering resistant while offering beautifully dynamic tones. Each ink is created with the intention to elevate every page and bring magic to every stroke. Captured in a brand new 20ml glass globe, designed to be a source of daily inspiration for every creator.

Presented with all new hand-illustrated scenes from classic moments in Alice in Wonderland, we've reimagined every moment with twists and turns from the Ferris Wheel Press universe. Lose yourself in every detail of Alice’s adventures with her quirky friends, and perhaps you will find yourself mirrored in the story.

Fig. 1 Packaging layout Composition, Tumbling Time Blue

Chapter 1: Tumbling Time Blue

Fig. 2 Final inked assets, Tumbling Time Blue

Follow a rushing White Rabbit through a puzzling rabbit hole, losing your footing and falling down, down, down. The path down to Wonderland is long and twisting, passing curio of all sorts. As you pass, ominous ticks & curious tocks chart your way through the scintillating darkness. Did one of these make the white rabbit late? You might lose track of time the longer you fall, but perhaps time is also unraveling around you, breaking into a silver shimmer that dusts every minute hand.

It’s a long way down to Wonderland, and on the way get lost in Tumbling Time Blue. A rich cobalt blue that over time, turns a rich red as you fall deeper into the scintillating darkness.

Chapter 2: Ruby Royal Flush

Continue your journey deeper into Wonderland as the underbrush of the enchanted forest fades from thorny glittering thickets, into manicured shrubbery of many shapes and sizes. Inside this beautiful courtyard, a huge commotion is occurring: the Queen of Hearts’ rose garden has been thoroughly populated with Rosa Alba. Grab a paint brush and join the hustle and bustle of the painting party - all of the shameful white roses must be red before the Queen arrives! Stay vigilant as fantastical beasts creep through the thorns and the fury of the Red Queen penetrates the atmosphere.

Fig. 3 Initial pencil sketches, The Creatures of Ruby Royal Flush VR Experience

Taken from the very same paint used to colour the roses in the Red Queen’s Garden, Ruby Royal Flush is a saturated, regal red, with a yellow sheen and gold shimmer that will dazzle the eye and inspire your creativity.

Chapter 3: Green with Curiosity

Fig. 4 Conceptual Sketches, Green With Curiosity

How extremely curious, locked in a room of possibility, with so many locks and the promise of so many keys. Through each door lies a mysterious beyond - the topsy-turvy expanse of Wonderland and its bewildering secrets. Satiate your curiosity as you peer through every keyhole, trying to catch a glimpse of the white rabbit, on his mad dash to his appointment. Try a glistening key in every lock, looking for a perfect match that will turn cogs and open the door into the great beyond.

Green with Curiosity invites you to go further, look deeper, and explore the doors of Wonderland. This ink is a rich shade of emerald green with a red sheen and a blue shimmer that comes from the depth of its own curiosity.

Explore the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland and fill your pen with the opulence of the all new FerriTales Collection, available now.

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